World Helicopter Day is a relatively new celebration of all things rotorcraft and serves as a wonderful opportunity for your company to attract free, positive media attention on a Sunday in August, which is usually a slow news day. You can learn more about the celebration and other events planned for day at

August 15, 2021, will be a day to celebrate—and promote—your business and the variety of work your company performs. To help you get started, we have provided sample templates and checklists for putting on your own World Helicopter Day event.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can invite more than just the media from your community to learn more about helicopter operations by visiting you. While you can open your event to the general public, you may also choose to invite your local politicians or other civic leaders. Familiarization with your company and your operations can prove useful, regardless of the size of group you choose to invite.

Whichever type of event you choose, this kit provides sample templates you can use at your discretion to contact your local media to alert them to an event at your company facility. While the sky’s the limit, events you might plan could include:

  • Learning to preflight a helicopter
  • Media orientation flights (typically offered at no charge)
  • Public orientation flights (short flights offered at a low cost)
  • A ground-based tour of your helicopter
  • A tour of your hangar or another maintenance facility

NOTE: Due to a series of unfortunate recent accidents, our industry has received an exceptional amount of negative publicity. Helicopter Association International (HAI) STRONGLY encourages you to emphasize safety and safe operations to your audience. Topics could include explaining the purpose of preflight inspections and precautionary landings, and how autorotation is a method unique to rotorcraft that helps to prevent more severe accidents.
For your assistance, this kit includes:

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