Now let’s make the most of your member benefits!

  1. Customize your HAI Member Profile.

How to customize your Member Profile

  1. Visit the HAI Member Benefits page to view and access various programs and resources available to you.
  2. Safety ResourcesWhether it’s Dos & Don’t you need, safety posters, or regular information from Safe Practices.
  3. Download a Logo We the HAI logo in a vector format so you can include it in your promotional materials or website.

Branding Guidelines for Using the HAI Logo

Since its founding in 1948, Helicopter Association International (HAI) has stood for the highest standards of ethical conduct and safety in the helicopter industry. Upon request to the HAI Membership Department, HAI members are permitted to use the HAI logo to demonstrate their commitment to these ideals.

The version of the HAI logo offered to members is shown at right.
(Click the image to download the logo)

Below are some guidelines for how a member may use the HAI logo (Click the image to download the logo):

  • Any member wishing to use the HAI must first request permission from the HAI Membership Department (703-683-4646 or
  • Once permission to use the logo is granted, an HAI member may display the HAI logo on their website, stationery, and other print or electronic media. If that membership lapses, the HAI logo must be removed from electronic media and any printed materials must be disposed of.
  • The HAI logo must be used in such a way that it does not portray HAI or the helicopter industry in a negative, defamatory, or comical light.
  • The HAI logo may NOT be stretched, skewed, distorted, or cropped — EVER.
  • The HAI logo must be reproduced at a minimum size of 0.75 inches wide.
  • The HAI color is a dark navy blue. It may not be recolored EXCEPT:
    • An all-white version of the logo may be used if it will be reproduced against a dark background
    • An all-black version of the logo may be used if it will be reproduced in materials printed using all black ink.

If you have any questions about the logo, how it can be used, or need additional assistance in using the HAI logo, please contact the HAI Publications and Media Department at 703-683-4646.

If HAI determines that the member’s use of the HAI logo violates these branding standards, then HAI reserves the right to require that they remove the logo, including removing or destroying any materials created with the nonstandard logo or inappropriate use of the logo.

  1. Press coverage in HAI’s daily e-newsletter, ROTOR DailyAs a member, we are happy to share your business news! We’ll help tell everyone about it.
  2. Update Your Company ListingIf you are the Primary Membership Representative or the Primary Billing Contact, you will have access to update the Company Record. (If you do not have one of those roles, you will not see the “Manage” button on the second screenshot.

How to customize your Company Profile

  1. Newsletter ResourcesManage your e-mail preference from HAI, including subscribing to ROTOR Daily.
  2. Let your employees know – Did you know that every company membership includes membership benefits for every employee in your organization? Encourage your staff members to go to and create their own HAI profile today so they too can begin taking advantage of the benefits of HAI membership! You may also send your company roster to us at and we’ll add them for you!”