How to Successfully Implement a Small-Operator SMS

A safety management system (SMS) is far more than a software program or a book on a shelf. A truly successful, effective SMS is a leadership-supported, whole-organization approach to safety backed by a positive safety culture every employee trusts.

To help operators, particularly those with limited resources, learn more about developing and implementing an effective SMS, HAI is holding a special 90-minute HAI@Work webinar on Oct. 14. There, executives from three SMS software providers partnering with HAI on the association’s new SMS program will share how SMS software program tools can help operators implement and improve upon an SMS.

Our panelists for this webinar are:

Sonnie Bates is CEO of WYVERN Ltd. He began his aviation career in the US Air Force, where he served in various key leadership roles, including instructor pilot, flight examiner, and flight commander, among many others.

Bob Rufli is chairman of the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) and VP, Flight Operations, at Pentastar Aviation. Before joining Pentastar in 2017, Bob was SVP at Signature Aircraft Management & Charter.

Jason Starke is the director of standards for Baldwin Aviation. Previously, he served as the International Business Aviation Council’s operations manager and worked for Universal Weather and Aviation, where he led efforts to develop an SMS software solution and SMS training for Universal’s business aviation clients.

James Viola, President and CEO, HAI.

Chris Hill, Director of Safety, HAI.