Previous Flight Reports

Welcome to my monthly report to HAI members. Viola’s Flight Report—or VFR—will update you on some of the work the HAI staff is doing on your behalf.

It’s essential that we share with you the work we’re doing. Whether we’re addressing new or existing regulatory matters, advocating on your behalf for a strong and vibrant international industry, or preparing for next year’s HAI HELI-EXPO, please know that the goal of the HAI staff is to always support you and help keep your rotors turning.

This edition of the Viola Flight Report (VFR) focuses on feedback HAI recently received from our members and how we’re working to better serve you. Survey participants identified “bringing the industry together” as a core service that HAI provides, and HAI President and CEO James Viola discusses all the ways the association does that, including its working groups, events, and international partnerships.

HAI’s advocacy work was also identified as a core service, providing value to both the industry as a whole and to targeted sectors, such as aerial tours and helicopter air ambulances, and Jim reminds members that, when they need help, the HAI staff is just a phone call away.

Finally, Jim discusses the HAI Comms U classes conducted at HAI HELI-EXPO 2022 in Dallas to help member businesses communicate with their customers and community.