Previous Flight Reports

Welcome to my monthly report to HAI members. Viola’s Flight Report—or VFR—will update you on some of the work the HAI staff is doing on your behalf.

It’s essential that we share with you the work we’re doing. Whether we’re addressing new or existing regulatory matters, advocating on your behalf for a strong and vibrant international industry, or preparing for next year’s HAI HELI-EXPO, please know that the goal of the HAI staff is to always support you and help keep your rotors turning.

The shortage of qualified pilots and aviation mechanics and engineers has been growing for some time now, to the point of affecting operational readiness. To help address this problem, the HAI Board of Directors earlier this year established the Workforce Development Working Group to study why our industry is not attracting and keeping the right people.

The working group has already begun developing solutions focused on pilots, maintenance, and operations. Its members are also visiting flight schools and promoting rotor pathway programs to channel students into the vertical flight industry.

Of course, HAI continues to support workforce development through more traditional initiatives too, such as our annual career fair and Mil2Civ workshop.

Watch this month’s VFR video to learn more about these activities and what HAI is doing to improve workforce development in our industry.