We’re excited to bring you an SMS program that fits your organization.

Why an SMS program?

A well-rounded SMS involves every activity, in every department, throughout the entire organization. It helps you identify hazards—from a broken hangar door and chemicals in the workplace to regulatory noncompliance, improperly trained personnel, and more—and develop the culture it takes to plan for, see, track, and resolve the potentially costly safety risks that come with them.

When you add up fines, damages, legal fees, increases in insurance premiums, and loss of employee productivity and future customers, an SMS program offers a smart return on your investment.

Which one should I choose?

Our experts evaluated 15 different SMS providers and selected four collaboration partners—Air Charter Safety Foundation, Aircraft Electronics Association, Baldwin Safety & Compliance, and WYVERN. Each one offers software that can help ease the burden of assessing risk, tracking & resolving hazards, and verifying current & future regulatory compliance.

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As a benefit of your membership, HAI negotiated a steep discount for all members who are new subscribers of the SMS programs.

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