We’re excited to offer an affordable SMS program that fits your needs.

HAI has partnered with four SMS industry leaders to provide big savings to HAI members who don’t already have an SMS in place. With options from simple to in-depth, you choose the SMS that best fits your organization.

Why an SMS program?

An SMS helps you identify hazards—from a broken hangar door and chemicals in the workplace to regulatory noncompliance, improperly trained personnel, and more—and develop the culture it takes to plan for, see, track, and resolve the potentially dangerous and costly safety risks that come with them.

The FAA is preparing to mandate SMS for Part 135 charter operators and certain Part 91 air tour operators. Ease into the process now and avoid the last-minute scramble for compliance.

How much does an SMS cost?

Each provider’s pricing is different. However, HAI members who haven’t yet subscribed receive substantial savings, which can offset the cost of membership.

With or without the discount, when you add up the costs of safety mishaps in fines, damages, legal fees, insurance premium increases, and loss of employee productivity, an SMS program offers a smart return on your investment.

Which one should I choose?

Each HAI SMS partner offers a solution to help you assess, track, and resolve safety threats, and verify compliance with regulations and best practices.


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