HAI-APS Auditors

Leading the way to safer aviation

HAI ensure the highest quality audit standards for the HAI Accreditation program. To do so, HAI employs strict guidelines for that all auditors must meet and adhere to in order to receive and maintain approval.

How to Become an Auditor?

You must meet the set of guidelines outlined below

To be eligible to become an HAI-APS auditor, candidates must meet the minimum requirements described below. With the approval of the HAI president, the HAI-APS staff may accept other types and combinations of experience and training as being equivalent to those specified below.

Aviation Certification

  • Hold, or have held, a pilot certificate or aircraft maintenance license
  • It is preferred that the auditor hold, or have held, a commercial helicopter pilot certificate, or higher, issued by the aviation authority having jurisdiction (equivalent military or law enforcement qualification is also acceptable).
  • Airborne Law Enforcement and Helicopter Air Ambulance lead auditors are required to hold a pilot certificate.
  • Flight Instruction lead auditors are required to hold a certified flight instructor certificate.
  • It is preferred that the auditor candidates hold, or have held, an aircraft maintenance certificate issued by the aviation authority having jurisdiction (equivalent military or law enforcement qualification is also acceptable).

Aviation Work Experience

  • Minimum of five years experience in aviation operations, of which at least three years experience is in helicopter operations. In the case of Airborne Law Enforcement and Helicopter Air Ambulance, the experience must be in that particular mission.
  • Experience in aviation safety management
  • Hands-on experience in at least one HMSS.

Knowledge & Skill Sets

  • Working knowledge of operational and maintenance provisions of the applicable aviation authority having jurisdiction
  • Working knowledge of aviation operations and maintenance management practices
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Auditor Training and Certification

  • Completion of an ISO, ASQ, or other auditor course(s), or substantial experience in aviation auditing or regulatory oversight of aviation operations
  • Satisfactory completion of HAI-APS auditor training
  • Satisfactory completion of a recognized aviation safety course.
  • Completion of a Safety Management Systems Training Course (example: Flight Safety SMS for Managers Course)

Auditor Authorization Process

Auditor candidates must complete the auditor application form and submit it along with evidence of their qualifications to the HAI-APS Audit Manager at safety@rotor.org.

The HAI-APS Audit Manager will review the auditor application for suitability, conduct a telephone interview with the candidate, and check professional references.

The candidate will be informed of the disposition of his or her application. If the application is approved, the candidate will be given instructions to register for an auditor training class. Upon satisfactory completion of the training, the auditor applicant will undergo an interview by the HAI-APS Staff to perform initial vetting for Mission-Specific audit authorization.

Once the training is complete the HAI-APS Audit Manager will establish a training file for the auditor that specifies authorization date and mission specific qualifications and issue an accreditation certificate to that individual.

The HAI-APS reserves the right to approve or deny any auditor application, at its sole discretion, with or without cause.

Duration and Renewal of HAI-APS Auditor Authorization

HAI-APS auditor authorization will be for a term consisting of the current calendar year, then can be renewed each calendar year after completing the “online” Auditor recurrent training course. Renewal of auditor authorization shall be contingent upon the following:

  • Currently as an IS-BAO accredited auditor
  • Completion of HAI-APS recurrent training
  • Auditors that are noncurrent for more than 12 calendar months are required to take HAI-APS initial auditor training prior to completing an audit.

Removal of Auditors

The HAI-APS reserves the right to withdraw authorization of an auditor for any of the following reasons:

  • Failure to renew auditor authorization within the specified time frame
  • Failure to conduct a scheduled audit within three months without acceptable reason
  • Inappropriate or unacceptable conduct
  • Consistent unsatisfactory performance as determined by HAI-APS staff at their sole discretion
  • Failure to comply with HAI-APS standards and requirements
  • At the sole discretion of HAI-APS staff for any other reason

Decisions regarding the withdrawal of auditor authorization may be appealed through the dispute resolution process outlined in this manual.

Conflict of Interest

Authorized auditors may not conduct an HAI-APS audit of an HAI Regular Operator Member with which they are affiliated, directly or indirectly, or for which they have provided any services within the previous two years, or for which they have an interest, financial or otherwise. Having previously audited an HAI Regular Operator Member does not constitute a possible conflict of interest in and of itself. However, auditing the same company for more than 2 consecutive audits is discouraged and must be preapproved by the HAI-APS Manager.

Apply to Become an Auditor