Improve your safety performance and reporting culture.

An effective hazard reporting program is essential to improving aviation safety, but helicopter operators sometimes struggle to field one. To encourage cost-effective, voluntary reporting of safety issues, HAI is participating in the FAA’s Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP), an initiative that enables its operator members to promptly identify, report, and resolve potential safety hazards without fear of reprisal.

HAI’s ASAP is hosted by the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF), an independent, third-party organization. Participation in the HAI ASAP is limited to HAI members. If you aren’t already an HAI member, join HAI or contact

Benefits of ASAP Participation

Participating in HAI’s ASAP offers a multitude of benefits for not only your company but the aviation industry as a whole.

  • ASAP fosters a voluntary, cooperative, nonpunitive environment for reporting flight safety concerns
  • Members submit event reports using a Web-based safety management system (SMS) tool provided and maintained by the ACSF
  • When a report is accepted under ASAP, the FAA takes a “lesser” or no enforcement action to address an event involving possible noncompliance with US federal aviation regulations
  • ASAP provides operators with a structured process for addressing flight safety concerns
  • Program participants can view de-identified event reports from other participants containing valuable lessons learned to reduce the chance of similar events.

How the ASAP Process Works

  1. As the neutral third-party facilitator of the HAI ASAP, the ACSF must sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the FAA, after which time your company and your FSDO will co-sign the MOU to confirm your participation.
  2. An ACSF representative will conduct training for your company and your FSDO regarding the ASAP process. Afterward, your company ASAP representative will train participating employees in program rules and report submission.
  3. Your organization’s ASAP reports will be processed and reviewed by an event review committee (ERC), which comprises an FAA representative, a company management representative, an employee representative, and an ACSF representative.
  4. After the ERC determines that all corrective actions have been properly completed, it notifies the submitter that the report is closed. For most companies, the ERC meets in person or virtually every two to three months, depending on report volume.

Cost to Participate

Participation in HAI’s ASAP requires a small one-time setup fee and an annual administrative fee based on the number of employees participating.

Getting Started

Participation in HAI’s ASAP is limited to HAI members. Use the resources below to learn more about how you can improve operational safety or contact Chris Hill, HAI ASAP program manager, at with your questions.

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