Manage Risks, Improve Processes, Gain Accreditation

HAI’s new ORRA program offers a flexible, evolving, and organized approach to managing risks and improving processes across your flight operations. It’s easy to start and includes a coach so you’re always on a clear path forward. Participants earn accreditation upon reaching specific milestones: Bronze Level (self-assessment with virtual third-party validation), Silver Level (operational implementation validated with on-site assessment), and Gold Level (effective implementation validated with on-site assessment). ORRA replaces the legacy Accreditation Program of Safety. Best of all: Operators at any stage of safety management system development or implementation can participate in ORRA.

Who’s this for?

  • HAI Member Operators

Special Features of the New Accreditation Program

  • Has coaching support to keep you on track
  • Streamlined, shorter, easy-to-understand checklists
  • Flexible approach adaptable to each operator
  • Can be linked to an existing safety management system
  • Includes a web-based interactive self-assessment tool

ORRA Raises the Bar for Operational Excellence

HAI Operational Risk and Resilience Accreditation Program offers HAI members the following advantages

Helps you establish effective protocols to mitigate risks


Demonstrates your commitment to operational process improvement

Signals operational excellence beyond minimum regulatory requirements



Prepares you for future mandated audit programs


Inspires a safety culture that encourages everyone’s participation


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