The decision to rebrand is part of HAI’s Strategic Initiative 1: Unify the industry around a new vision of vertical aviation. By expanding and diversifying, the vertical aviation industry is strengthening its scope and influence so that it can continue to provide the unique benefits of vertical flight to communities around the world. By embracing all vertical flight aircraft as part of one united industry, VAI believes that we can increase the power of our advocacy on its behalf.

All HAI members will become VAI members with the same access to their existing member benefits. The association will continue to focus on providing connection, advocacy, safety, education, and support for our individual and company members in the form of impactful benefits and superior service.

Tagline: Powering Up

Powering Up is what VAI does for the vertical aviation industry. We empower all vertical aviation stakeholders through connection, advocacy, safety, education, and support for businesses and individuals.

 Vision, the long-term ambition for our future:

To be the world’s most vital membership association leading the evolution and expansion of vertical flight

 Purpose, defines why we exist:

To fuel the growth of the vertical aviation industry through connection, education, advocacy, and safety so that communities around the world are strengthened by the power of vertical flight

 Values, the principles that we live by and communicate through our brand:

TRUST – VAI is committed to working tirelessly for our members as the go-to resource for connection, advocacy, education, safety, and support.

PASSION—VAI is passionate about what we do to connect and support our members and the vertical flight industry. We are thrilled to share the extraordinary things our members do to make a positive impact on society. We seek to inspire those in and outside the industry. Our work is purposeful, so our excitement is authentic.

SERVICE—VAI is driven to empower our members, the heart of our association, by addressing their needs and supporting their growth so that they can focus on making vertical flight more accessible and beneficial to communities across the world.

INNOVATION—VAI is tenaciously forward-thinking as we build off past successes and craft new ways to make vertical aviation more safe, efficient, and accessible to people everywhere.

INCLUSION—VAI represents the entire vertical aviation industry. We welcome all who seek to make aviation and vertical flight stronger.

SAFETY—Safety is paramount. Neither our industry nor our future can succeed without it. Through education and training, we must instill the highest standards in vertical flight. From engineers and mechanics to operators, suppliers, and pilots, everyone has the responsibility to manage risk, secure solutions, and prevent the loss of life and equipment.

Website (Going live summer 2024)

VAI’s Manifesto is the story of our brand:

Imagine where this industry can go.

Vertical flight was born from sketches on a page—wild ideas—imagining new ways to solve people’s problems.

Grounded by the simple idea that society’s answers can’t always be found on the ground.

So, we look around. Because we’re not constrained by runways or speed or movement. We’re freer to reach the hard-to reach places and accomplish the hard-to-do tasks.

We look out. Because disruption has risk. And everyone who dares to rise needs a voice. Merits access. And deserves a safe landing.

We look forward. Because we know how important it is to explore new paths. To build, move, fix, see, save, deliver. We’re vital.

And what we can do now is only surpassed by what we’re going to do. The sky may have limits. But our potential does not because our people do not. Join us and we’ll fly—together.

And when more people want to take off, we’ll take them on, too. Sharing the airspace. That’s our vertical.

We are Vertical Aviation International. It’s what we do—always have.

Strengthened by the power of vertical flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you rebrand to VAI?

A: The vertical aviation industry is expanding rapidly, with new aircraft and technologies taking to the skies. Our members saw this change unfolding and sought to unite the vertical flight industry under a single banner. As VAI, we will amplify our voice, advocate effectively with legislators and regulators, and harness our unique abilities to better our communities.

Q: Who made the decision to rebrand the association?

A: The Board of Directors decided to rebrand the association. In the Strategic Industry Plan unanimously approved by the board in October 2022, Strategic Initiative 1 directs the association to “unify the industry around a new vision of vertical aviation.” This rebranding is part of that strategy to become a more inclusive association that brings together all parts of vertical aviation.

Q: How were the new name, logo, colors, and other brand aspects chosen?

The rebrand of our association, led by the Board of Directors over the past 18 months, has been purposeful and deliberate. The association engaged an agency with expertise in rebranding associations.

The Board felt strongly that this effort should be driven by data, so the branding agency reviewed past research and conducted new research, including:

  • Interviews
  • Landscape analysis
  • Secondary data research
  • Member outreach
  • Surveys
  • Brand workshops.

Each element of the new brand—the name, vision, purpose, colors, tag line, and even the new name for our annual trade show—was supported unanimously by the Board.

If you want to learn more about the rebrand, then please visit, you’ll see even more of the new Vertical Aviation International.

Q. Are helicopters still important to the association?

A. Yes! VAI’s purpose is to fuel the growth of the vertical aviation industry and helicopters are absolutely vertical aviation. The helicopters that perform so many essential missions to keep modern society running are not going anywhere. They have unique capabilities that can’t be duplicated by any other aircraft. Helicopters will continue to play an important role in serving communities around the world, and VAI is very proud to represent the people who build, operate, fix, fly, support, and supply them!

Q. Who should join VAI?

A. Our new brand embraces all aircraft that are capable of vertical or short takeoffs and landings (V/STOL). If you build, fly, fix, supply, or operate V/STOL aircraft, or if you work in or support vertical aviation in any way, then you belong in Vertical Aviation International!

Q. Aside from the name, what else will change?

A. Our members can expect VAI to continue to provide the same services (advocacy, education, communications and networking) they currently receive. There is complete continuity of leadership by the VAI Board of Directors and staff.

We are not eliminating any programs or services but instead have rebranded to grow. Membership is now open to any company, pilot, maintenance technician, or aviation professional that builds, flies, fixes, supplies, or supports vertical aviation.

Q. What about HAI HELI-EXPO?

A. We are changing the name of HAI HELI-EXPO to VERTICON. That show will still feature:

  • Vertical aviation manufacturers and suppliers from all around the world, including the major airframe, engine, and technology OEMs
  • A complete education program, including long-form education courses, shorter education sessions on safety and business topics, and manufacturers technical briefings
  • Industry meetings, including with VAI Working Groups, on every topic important to the vertical information industry
  • An industry job fair and Mil2Civ workshop
  • Plenty of opportunities to expand your network and reconnect with old friends.

We hope you will join us for VERTICON 2025 in Dallas March 10–13!

Q. Are my dues going to change?

A. We have no plans to change VAI member dues at this time.

Q. What about the website? Where should I go to get information, renew, or update my member profile?

A. We are working on a brand-new website,, but it’s not ready yet. We expect to roll out the new website by August 2024, but don’t worry—in the meantime, you can use either the new website name,, or the old name,, to access your VAI member account. As part of our transition to the new website, both web addresses will take users to the right site.

Additional questions or comments about the rebrand? Please let us know.