Participating Groups

Helicopter Association International
Associación Chilena de Helicópteros (ACHHEL)
Association for Promotion of Helicopter Industry, Japan (AHIJ)
Australian Helicopter Industry Association
British Helicopter Association (BHA)
European Helicopter Association (EHA)
French Helicopter Association
Helicopter Association of Canada (HAC)
Helicopter Association of Germany
Helicopter Association of Italy
The Helicopter Association of Southern Africa (HASA)
Helicopter Association of Spain
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
New Zealand Helicopter Association (NZHA)
Rotary Wing Society of India (RWSI)
Swedish Aviation Industry Association
Swiss Helicopter Association

Helicopter Association International (HAI) is pleased to announce the launch of the HAI International Partnership Program to enhance safety and cooperation across the worldwide vertical lift community.

This program will benefit the entire rotorcraft industry by promoting common safety and operational standards and best practices, and by facilitating a collaborative approach to building and sustaining the global industry. The program was launched on June 30, 2020, with the signing of an agreement by Viola and Australian Helicopter Industry Association (AHIA) President Ray Cronin. “We launched this program with our close partners in Australia, but we will continue to expand to other vertical lift associations around the world,” says Viola.

“We are very excited to strengthen HAI’s ties with other vertical lift organizations. Aviation is a global industry in both manufacturing and operations, and this is reflected in our challenges. By working together, the international industry can better leverage our finite resources to pursue common priorities and goals.”

James A. Viola, HAI President and CEO 

“Thanks to the efforts made by my predecessor, Jan Becker, and Jim Viola, HAI is making great strides in furthering its international reach,” says Stacy Sheard, chair of the HAI Board of Directors. “Stepping up our international collaborations through the IPP will help us to see other perspectives from around the world, open global lines of communication, and learn from each other’s experiences. Supporting the worldwide vertical lift community will bring immeasurable returns, both to our industry and to HAI.”

Through the IPP program, HAI and its partners agree to work together to:

  • Provide members with services that directly benefit their operations
  • Promote, produce, and deliver programs that improve industry safety
  • Collaborate with regulatory and legislative authorities to promote industry objectives
  • Educate key stakeholders on the unique contributions vertical flight offers society, and to foster public confidence in the value and safety of vertical lift operations
  • Facilitate an open exchange of information among rotorcraft owners, operators, customers, pilots, aeronautical engineers, and other industry stakeholders
  • Promote professionalism, economic viability, and integrity within the vertical flight industry.

The IPP goes beyond just being an affiliate program. HAI’s affiliate program is one that recognizes other not-for-profit organizations with similar purposes and core values related to the vertical lift industry. HAI feels that the IPP is a collaboration program that will allow international industry associations to speak with a unified voice.