HAI welcomes aviation-related and general-practice law firms as organizational members. With an organizational membership, every lawyer in your firm also becomes an HAI member and receives all the benefits that HAI offers.

Become an HAI Lawyer Member

Why should lawyers join HAI?

  1. To be featured in HAI’s legal directory. The legal directory is the centerpiece of HAI’s member-only legal resources platform. HAI members include more than 1,300 companies and over 16,000 professionals in the global vertical aviation industry.
    • Only HAI member lawyers are eligible to be listed in the legal directory.
    • Every lawyer in your firm is eligible to create a profile in the directory.
  1. To demonstrate expertise to potential HAI member clients. Member lawyers are eligible to respond to questions submitted to the “Ask a Lawyer” forum and to contribute newsletter articles on legal topics of interest to members.
    • Lawyers responding to Ask a Lawyer questions will be identified by name and firm name when the question and answer are posted.
    • Lawyers contributing articles will be bylined.
  1. To show your involvement and interest in the vertical aviation industry. Research shows that aviation experience is a highly important attribute to aviation professionals when choosing a lawyer, even when seeking counsel for general practice areas (e.g., corporate, tax, or employment issues).
    • Membership shows your investment in the vertical aviation industry.
    • Membership makes you part of the HAI community.
  1. To better serve HAI member clients.
    • Joining HAI gives you and every lawyer in your firm access to tools that help increase your understanding of the rotorcraft industry and issues of key importance.
    • General law practitioners in particular can leverage their HAI membership to learn about the vertical aviation industry.
Become an HAI Lawyer Member