Image above: Mark Bennett NTSB members to share how helicopter accidents inspired the two aviation safety improvements on the 2021–2022 list. For years, the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has published its biennial Most Wanted List of transportation safety improvements, a set of recommendations that addresses the most egregious accidents. For 2021–2022, the list includes only two aviation items, both directly affecting helicopters: one calls for requiring safety management systems (SMS) in all revenue passenger-carrying aviation operations; the other, for installing crash-resistant recorders and establishing flight data monitoring programs. What led to these recommendations? How will they affect rotorcraft operations across all sectors of our industry? What are the benefits? The potential issues? We’ll explore these questions and others during the Jun. 17 HAI@Work webinar, at 4 pm eastern (UTC-4). Two NTSB members will present the board’s rationale for making the recommendations, and afterward, HAI President and CEO Jim Viola will conduct a Q&A between the panelists and webinar attendees. Our speakers for the webinar: Bruce Landsberg, Vice Chair, NTSB Michael Graham, Board Member, NTSB. In this webinar you’ll learn: What’s implied in the two NTSB recommendations Which accidents led to their creation The goals for each recommendation What

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