Panelists to share best practices for prevention, ramifications of poor management. Fatigue is a significant issue in the rotorcraft industry, and maintenance personnel face a particular risk for the problem due to nighttime and rotating shift work, long and unregulated duty times, sleep disruption, and cumulative sleep deficits. Fatigued technicians can experience impaired judgment, difficulty focusing, memory lapses, lowered moods and motivation, and other performance limitations. The result can be mistakes and oversights that contribute to devastating accidents. Fortunately, a strong maintenance management mindset paired with good awareness and team communications can combat fatigue and vastly increase overall maintenance safety. Join us for the Jul. 8 HAI@Work webinar as members of the HAI Safety Working Group share their firsthand insight into how maintenance management can take a proactive approach to avoid fatigue within their operations. They’ll discuss the issue from three vantage points: management’s perspective, the technician’s point of view, and the legal consequences of failing to take steps to prevent fatigue. Our panelists for the webinar will be: Tarek Loutfy, Senior Operations and Flight Safety Manager, Flight Test Operation, GE Aviation Duke Puharich, Safety Director, Siller Helicopters Robert Lakind, Aviation Attorney, Szaferman, Lakind, Blumstein & Blader In this webinar

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