As a member, we are happy to share your business news! Do you have a new product or service? Did you hire someone or promote a person from within your ranks? We’ll help tell everyone about it.

HAI’s ROTOR Daily currently reaches 38,000 subscribers every business day, and near every one of them are directly involved with the rotorcraft industry!

Send us your press release, and anything that you feel helps to illustrate your news. This could be logos, pdfs, photos, graphics, video links, etc.

PRO TIP! Post the press release on your website and include the link in your email to us. We’ll use the headline and synopsis for ROTOR Daily, but the traffic is driven directly to your site! Maybe after the reader looks at the story, they’ll stay around to see what else your company produces.

The best part? It’s EASY to submit your material! Just send us a press release at with the press release materials (or the link!), and watch for your story to appear in the “News From HAI Members” section near the top of the next edition of ROTOR Daily.


  • Please make sure the press release email (to does not exceed about 20 MB.
  • Video links are better than videos.
  • High resolution photos are better than cell phone images (watch the file size!)
  • Word Documents or text files are preferred, but we’ll take PDFs too.
  • Remember the tip above! Sending a link to the press release on your website will help drive traffic to your site.
  • Send it all to

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