A look at an international HAI member up close and personal. The idea for Spidertracks took root in 2005, when a high-profile New Zealand resident crashed his helicopter near the country’s remote west coast. The following two-week search-and-rescue effort came at a huge financial and emotional toll for his loved ones. The resulting national media coverage caught the attention of a few creative and curious minds who would eventually envision a better, more-affordable way to track and locate aircraft. Thus was Spidertracks born. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, the company today is a leading provider of aircraft fleet tracking, communication, and safety management solutions for thousands of aircraft across the world. At their core, Spidertracks’s solutions are designed to enable operators to see precisely where every one of their aircraft is in real time and to be immediately alerted in a worst-case scenario. Using the Iridium satellite network, Spidertracks covers every inch of the globe, sending 12 position reports per minute to the cloud, regardless of local infrastructure, ADS-B coverage, or cellular reception. These reports are graphically displayed on an easy-to-use map interface, with each position point listing latitude, longitude, time, altitude, speed, and direction. The interface is accessible via

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