Fly Neighborly is a voluntary noise reduction program that seeks to create better relationships between communities and helicopter operators by establishing noise mitigation techniques and increasing effective communication.

Why Flying Neighborly Is Important

Environmental issues are the forefront of every business today, and the helicopter industry is no exception. We all want peace and quiet at home and in our neighborhoods. Safety is always at the forefront of a helicopter pilot’s mind; but “flying neighborly” is also a concern and the key to improving public perception and fostering community acceptance of helicopters.

Fly Neighborly Training

  • FAA Safety Team “Introduction to Fly Neighborly Training
  • Fly Neighborly BasicsThe Fly Neighborly Noise Abatement Training program, created by the FAA and endorsed by HAI, teaches pilots and operators noise abatement procedures and situational awareness tools that can be used to minimize the effects of helicopter noise emissions that are affecting communities. Fly Neighborly training covers:
    • Background and regulatory genesis for noise research
    • Noise basics
    • Aeronautical decision making and standard operating procedures
    • Flight techniques for noise abatement
  • Highlights from Fly Neighborly Training
    • Climbing turns are quieter than level and/or descending turns.
    • Accelerating climbs are quieter than steady-state and/or decelerating climbs.
    • Collective climb is quieter than cyclic climb.
    • A higher altitude should be selected to reduce noise footprint.
    • Turn away from the advancing blade.
    • Steeper take-offs greatly reduce the noise footprint.
    • A steep approach glidepath reduces the size of the noise footprint.
    • Make smooth control inputs to reduce the noise footprint.
    • Maximize steady state segments.
    • Maintain the same airspeed during a turn.

Fly Neighborly Program Success

HAI’s Fly Neighborly Program is a successful, voluntary noise reduction program, when followed and made an integral part of daily operations, in reducing noise complaints and winning public acceptance.

“As part of the original team that launched the HAI Fly Neighborly Program in 1982 I have monitored its progress on a continuing basis. I am happy to report it has been accepted internationally and has the full support of helicopter operators, regional associations, manufacturers, pilots, and communities. As I have stated previously, just flying safely and in compliance with regulations is not enough. We must also Fly Neighborly, it is in the best interest of everyone.”

—Jim Viola President, HAI