Clearer insight. Safer flights.

Turn Signal Noise into Operational Safety Measures

Unlock the power of your flight data with HAI’s new Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) Program. With an easy-to-use dashboard and support from an FDM expert, you’ll gain insight into your operations, see developing trends, and get a customized roadmap to improve safety. HAI members receive discounted pricing and exclusive access to FDM services (also called flight operations quality assurance, or FOQA) through Truth Data Insights. You can choose from three levels of service, depending on your needs.

In Partnership with Truth Data Insights

Who’s this for?

  • HAI Member Operators

Special Features of the User-Friendly Program

  • Dashboard with interactive displays, graphs, maps, and trend analyses
  • Web-based
  • Secure, fully automated data transfer system
  • Hands-on tutoring and support and onboarding assistance
  • Step-by-step implementation plan

What’s the buzz?

“Getting started in HAI’s Flight Data Monitoring Program has helped Air Methods correct nonstandard flight operations before these practices become an exceedance, incident, or accident. The reduction in overall risk and the improvement in daily operations have been worth the front-end effort and commitment.”

– Jason Quisling, Senior VP of Flight Operations and Air Command, Air Methods

About Air Methods

Greenwood Village, Colorado–based Air Methods provides helicopter air ambulance services, conducting more than 100,000 transports annually.

Sample dashboard showing flight and event data.

Sample dashboard showing flight volumes and event occurrences.

Sample dashboard showing approach data.

Making Sense of Data and Improving Safety

FDM Program with Hands-On Support offers HAI members the following advantages

Fits all mission types

Gives you an actionable, customized plan based on your fleet’s data

Helps you identify risks, improve fuel consumption, reduce unnecessary maintenance, and more

Includes participation in the FAA Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) program at no cost

Offers exclusive HAI member discounts

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