Epic Flight Academy Uses Frasca Motion Simulator to Train Pilots Faster June 11, 2021 Frasca International and Epic Flight Academy have collaborated to create a new flight training curriculum utilizing a full motion Cessna 172 flight simulator. The curriculum has shown success in with students to earn their private pilot’s license faster than the national average of 70 hours. Students training with Epic on the Frasca motion simulator, typically finish their private pilot’s license within FAA minimum flight hours. Frasca worked closely with Epic to develop a device for their training aircraft that would not only simulate the aircraft instruments and controls, but would add enhanced training value of motion utilizing Frasca’s Motion Cueing System (MCS) which was originally designed for use in higher level Flight Training Devices (FTDs) and Full Flight Simulators (FTDs).  “Epic is the first flight school in the world to have a Cessna 172 FTD with this high level of motion system. They are leading the way in flight training by providing this very high fidelity device for their students,” stated John Frasca, President of Frasca International, Inc. Students enrolled in Epic’s Private Pilot Course spend around 30 to 40 hours in the Frasca Cessna172 simulator

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