All scholarship applications are due by midnight eastern time (UTC-5), October 14, 2022.

    Personal Information

    Maintenance Technician or Flight Experience

    Education and Training

    High School or International Equivalent

    College, Trade School, or Special Courses

    Flight AMT


    List Most Recent Employer First, Including Military Service

    Company 1

    Company 2

    Company 3

    Additional Information

    Personal Statements

    Required Documents

    Proof of Enrollment

    Please provide a letter from your FAA-Approved Part 147 School or International Equivalent's aviation school acknowledging your enrollment. Letter must include:
    • Representative's name
    • Title and Organization
    • Mailing address, telephone, email
    • Part 147 certificate number

    Letters of Recommendation

    Please provide 2 letters of recommendation
    • One from your Part-147 AMT School or international equivalent's Program Director, Administrator, or Instructor with their name, title, organization, mailing address, phone, and email
    • One from your Employer, Instructor, or other who can attest to your aviation background, training and experience

    Applicant Signature

    By typing my name below, I certify and attest that all information provided is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that falsification of documents will disqualify my application and may require me to return any distributed scholarship funds. I further understand that if I do not achieve certification, I am liable to reimburse HAI.

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