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Participating Companies

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
Boston MedFlight
Butterfly Aviation
Coastal Helicopters
Guidance Air Service, LLC
Island Helicopters Kauai
Maine Helicopters, Inc
NorthStar Helicopters
Novictor Helicopters
Panhandle Helicopter, LLC.
Paradise Helicopters
Rotorworks LLC
Safari Aviation Inc.
Sikorsky Aircraft
Southern Utah University
Summit Helicopters, Inc.
Sunshine Helicopters, Inc
Timberland Helicopters, Inc.
Trans Aero Limited
Wings Air Helicopters

HAI recognizes the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting helicopter operations, particularly in tourism, charter and VIP travel. HAI members who have taken the COVID Clean pledge are making an extraordinary effort to protect their staff and passengers by cleaning and sanitizing their aircraft often.

While we’re sure you’re already making the effort to protect your passengers and your crews from exposure to infectious diseases, let us help you promote your efforts and show your customers that you’re dedicated to protecting everyone involved in a flight.

Take HAI’s COVID Clean Pledge, and then use our free marketing material to inform your customers that you’re committed to protecting your passengers and that you meet or exceed the standards recommended by OEMs, government agencies, and health-care organizations.

When you take the pledge, you will immediately receive:

  • A certificate you can print and display at your customer check-in counter
  • A logo and phrasing suitable for your website
  • Text you can use in press releases and social media that informs potential customers that you have their safety in mind.

HAI will add your organization’s name to the HAI recognition website that indicates your participation in our program, with your business name, location, and a link to your website.

So what are you waiting for? Take the COVID Clean Pledge today!