See your hazards. Control your risks.

Build Out Virtual Scenarios to Mitigate Risk

Through a partnership with AeroDirections, HAI members receive special pricing and a special services bundle on BowTieXP software and training. Bowtie diagrams have long been used in highly complex, high-risk industries to assess risk because they offer a clear picture of potential hazardous scenarios and the controls that are in place to handle them. Using this virtual risk-assessment software program will enable you to quickly visualize hazardous scenarios and identify the controls, if any, you have in place to prevent, mitigate, or eliminate them. You can choose from three software levels, depending on your needs.

In Partnership with AeroDirections

Who’s this for?

  • All HAI Members

Special features of the user-friendly software

  • Assign an accountable person for each task or procedure
  • Change labels to match your preferred terminology
  • Make diagrams using group editing, drag-and-drop capability, and quick-add buttons.

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Bowtie risk-management diagrams provide operators with a method for visualizing risks in complex, high-risk scenarios and developing mitigating measures.

A Best-In-Class Approach for Effective Risk Management

BowTieXP risk-assessment software offers members the following advantages

Makes it easy to visualize and plan for complex risks

Lets you quickly see where you’re being proactive versus reactive

Suggests actions to help you see and shore up your weakest areas

Documents your safety measures

Offers special HAI member pricing!