HAI Member Benefits

Ensuring a safe, sustainable, and economically viable future for the VTOL industry is how we help you to keep your rotors turning. HAI members—and every employee of an HAI member organization—can take advantage of the member benefits listed below.

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“HAI brings together individuals who would like to see good things for the rotorcraft industry’s future.”

Nicholas Chefalo, Pilot

Member-Only Benefits

In addition to the safety, education, and engagement resources listed below, here are our exclusive services for members only.

Industry Leadership
  • Direct access to HAI technical, regulatory, and legislative staff
  • Membership in working groups that address industry issues
  • Legislative resources and updates
Business and Organization Promotion
  • COVID Clean Program participation
  • Press releases in ROTOR media
    • Members can submit press releases and photos to rotor@rotor.org, and we will include them in our daily e-newsletter, ROTOR Daily
  • Safety awards for pilots, operators, and aviation mechanics/engineers
  • Safety education participation
Safety Enhancements
  • Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)
  • Customizable flight and maintenance risk assessment tools
  • Safety management system checklist and software
  • Third-party mentoring, coaching, and assessment
  • Safety accreditation program
  • Helicopter mission-specific standards
  • IS-BAO registration
Safety Accreditation
Discount Programs



As an HAI member, your views will be heard in Washington and in US state capitals. Our Government Affairs team works to ensure that legislators understand the full implications of proposals that restrict airspace and operations or impose additional regulatory burdens.

Our work on behalf of our members has paid off, time and again. Because of HAI’s advocacy, our Part 135 members were eligible to receive $396 million in US federal Payroll Support Program funds, as of September 2021!

Below are some of HAI’s positions on critical issues facing our industry.

HAI Supports
  • Finding performance-based safety solutions that ensure industry viability
  • Preserving federal authority over the National Airspace System
  • Increasing access to financial aid for flight education and training
  • Expanding state and federal resources for aviation workforce development
  • Investing in heliport and vertiport infrastructure for expansion of advanced air mobility technologies
  • Integrating unmanned aircraft systems safely into the National Airspace System
  • Protecting safety-critical aviation systems from 5G interference
HAI Opposes
  • Splitting the National Airspace System into a tangle of competing state and local jurisdictions
  • Imposing overburdensome regulations and costly requirements that threaten industry viability
Advocacy Resources



Developing a vibrant safety culture and effective risk management is essential for your organization and our industry’s future. No matter where you are in your safety journey, HAI can help with resources, tools, and programs designed specifically for vertical flight operators, pilots, aviation mechanics/engineers, and safety professionals.

Safety Resources
  • Direct access to HAI regulatory and technical staff
  • HAI working groups
  • Online and in-person safety courses
  • Regional and mission-specific conferences
  • Safety management system toolkits
  • Free safety education sessions at HAI HELI-EXPO® trade show
  • Weekly webinars
  • Spotlight on Safety tips, videos, and posters
  • Accident reviews, regulatory notices, and articles in ROTOR magazine and ROTOR Daily e-newsletter
Safety Tools
  • Maintenance malfunction reports
  • Flight risk assessments
  • In-flight hazard reports
Safety Recognition
  • Safety awards for pilots, operators, and aviation mechanics/engineers
  • Salute to Excellence Safety Award
  • Land & LIVE program participation
  • Safety education participation
  • WINGS and AMT credit for FAA-approved events
  • Safety education presenter
Safety Resources

HAI SMS Program

Open solely to HAI Operator Members in good standing, the HAI SMS Program is the direct result of an HAI membership survey in which a significant number of respondents requested turnkey SMS support programs, including ways to make an SMS easier to implement and track. In response, HAI solicited proposals from industry-leading SMS software providers, expecting to select a single provider from the responses. Instead, while evaluating the bids, HAI determined that choosing 3 of the 14 submitted proposals would better meet the needs of its members.

This SMS software solution provides Operator members with a turn-key, off-the-shelf product that operators can then customize to their specific requirements. Operators will need to work with the program regularly to manage their safety system, and can expand the program to meet their needs.

The three software providers HAI chose for the HAI SMS Program are:

  • Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) of Washington, D.C. ACSF provides a full range of SMS software options.
  • Baldwin Safety and Compliance of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Baldwin provides the Baldwin SMS Product Suite, which offers a menu of options available for small, medium-sized, and large businesses.
  • WYVERN Ltd. of Nashua, New Hampshire. WYVERN offers its SMS Software and 24/7/365 Support Services package, with affordable options for small operators and other choices with premium SMS software capabilities.

The National Transportation Safety Board has long advocated for mandating SMS programs in all revenue passenger-carrying flight operations, including it in their annual Most Wanted List. The HAI SMS Program would meet the requirements set forth in their proposal and is equally available to member companies who do not carry passengers for hire.





HAI events and media help you stay current in our global, dynamic industry. Connect with industry peers from around the world through our annual HAI HELI-EXPO® trade show, webinars, conferences, and educational opportunities. Keep up with the latest news and trends through our magazine and e-newsletter.

Networking Resources
  • HAI HELI-EXPO trade show
  • Regional and mission-specific conferences
  • Military-to-Civilian Transition Workshop
  • HAI working groups
  • Safety education presenter
  • HAI media contributor
  • Webinar panelist
  • International Partnership Program
Tools to Stay Current
  • Quarterly ROTOR magazine
  • ROTOR Daily e-newsletter
  • Weekly webinars
  • Manufacturer Technical Briefings



HAI provides operators, pilots, aviation mechanics/engineers, and safety professionals with the resources they need to succeed. Take advantage of our education programs, presented by vertical aviation experts and available in both online and in-person formats.

Vertical Aviation Education
  • Online and in-person courses for pilots, managers, operators, and maintenance and safety professionals
  • Regional and mission-specific conferences
  • Weekly webinars
  • Helicopter flight instructor refresher course
  • Free safety education sessions
  • Inspection authorization renewal
  • Manufacturer Technical Briefings
  • WINGS and AMT credit for FAA-approved events
Education Resources



Whether it’s keeping up with regulatory changes or keeping your career going, HAI has resources for you. Dedicated, knowledgeable help in regulatory and advocacy issues, education and training, or technical assistance is just a phone call away.

Vertical Aviation Community Support
  • Direct access to HAI regulatory and technical staff
  • HAI working groups
  • Manufacturer Technical Briefings
  • Inspection authorization renewal
  • Regional and mission-specific conferences
  • Online and in-person courses for pilots, managers, operators, and maintenance and safety professionals
  • Free safety education sessions

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