In November 2020 Airwork (NZ) Limited secured a fleet of AS350B2 aircraft from a North American company [looking to downsize their fleet]. Airwork’s purchasing capability, coupled with its MRO for a bulk purchase of these 8 aircraft benefiting the owner by providing a quick, and hassle-free transition to Airwork. The Airwork team is ideally placed to then add value to the new operators of these aircraft by providing our unique in-house programme and capabilities. Today 6 of the helicopters are operational for new owners, in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and 1 is in the process of being refurbished prior to delivery to its new owner in Australia. The last helicopter has been disassembled for parts which will be used to provide rental and exchange options to our MRO customers. This purchase brings the total helicopters purchased by Airwork to 16 since August 2020 and the quick turnaround is what enables Airwork to offer cash purchase prices rather than the “sell on your behalf option” and transfers risk associated with individually selling the helicopters from the customer to Airwork. Over the last 10 years Airwork has worked with a large number of large and small with the disposal of aircraft

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