Questions Submitted About the SMS Software and Support Services RFP

Q1. In reference to Section 3. Scope of Services, (a): When referring to user branding and customization, will this be reserved for premium accounts?

A1. Proposals shall state if the system meets each requirement, whether minimum or premium. Proposals then shall:

  • Specify if that capability is included in the base system (minimum requirement) or only available for an additional fee (premium requirement)
  • Detail those additional fees, if applicable.

Q2. In reference to Section 3. Scope of Services, (b): Regarding HAI’s vision of an “admin user”—is this intended to mean an HAI staff member or a person within a particular member company with the ability to make system adjustments?

A2. HAI staff will require admin permissions to access the system, but they will not make entries on behalf of participating companies. HAI member companies who subscribe to the system will require a level of permissions necessary to manage SMS entries for their own company.

Q3. In reference to Section 4. Project Requirements, (n): Desired: System options to restrict access to separate company SMS files. Is this intended to mean that employees of Company A have no access to Company B’s files, or does it refer to a permission set to allow only certain employees of Company A see certain Company A files?

A3a. A minimum requirement for the system is to provide users with permissions that ensure Company A does not have access to Company B files. However, deidentified and aggregated report data should be available for any admin users in the system.

A3b. A minimum requirement for the system is to provide admin users with access to view their own company files. Additionally, all employees for a given company will require sufficient privileges to submit event reports to their company.

Q4. May we augment our technical proposal with a product demonstration?

A4. Technical proposals may include references to product links, including an optional demonstration video if desired. HAI will review initial proposals and may request follow-up discussions and/or demos prior to making award decisions.

Q5. Is it HAI’s intent to offer the basic SMS software as a free regular member benefit?

A5. HAI will access incentive options for member participation based on pricing strategies proposed in RFP responses.

Q6. Does HAI have a cost goal per organization/system user for the SMS basic software?

A6. HAI will access incentive options for member participation based on pricing strategies proposed in RFP responses.

Q7. Is it HAI’s intent that fees for the basic/premium service be paid to/billed by HAI or the software company?

A7. HAI will access incentive options for member participation based on pricing strategies proposed in RFP responses.

Q8. Could you give some clarity on the “exclusivity” expectations?

A8. HAI does not anticipate entering into any exclusivity agreements or contracts with providers of SMS software and support services. However, if an SMS solution is selected and implemented, HAI anticipates offering it as a service exclusively for its operator members.

Q9. If my company is the successful bidder, would it be made mandatory for HAI members or offered as a preferred or recommended SMS tool?

A9. HAI does not mandate the use of its safety tools as condition for membership. HAI will recommend SMS and other HAI-branded services to enhance safety in member operators’ operations.

Q10. Should there be interest in the initial evaluation, would our company have an opportunity to demo the system?

A10. HAI will review initial proposals and may request follow-up discussions and/or demos prior to making award decisions.

Q11. We understand you want to provide an easy-to-use but comprehensive SMS solution to HAI operator members. What we would like to clarify is if you are looking for:

Option A. An independent SMS solution to provide to each of them: this way, each HAI operator member will have their own SMS (branded under HAI name) with their own data and their own admin users. Each operator’s data can then be exported to build a HAI safety database and KPIs dashboard.

Option B. A unique SMS solution where each entity has their own separate environment (people, activity), but since all data are in the same server, an overall view is also possible to build overall KPIs, for example. This way, you will have admin users at the HAI operator member level and others at the HAI level. In this case, only HAI members at the top of the organization will get access to all information, and each organization will only get access to their own data.

A11. Option B is preferred, but each submitter can present a system they consider optimal based on all requirements.

Q12. When you are targeting 50 admin users, is it possible for you to translate that number into a gross number of users?

A12. While it is difficult to predict the total number of non-admin users who will access the system for event reporting or other permitted purposes, assume an average number of 20 employees for every admin user (1,050 total users).

Q13. What business intelligence platform does HAI use?

A13. HAI’s business intelligence platform is not relevant to the award for or functioning of any proposed SMS software and support services.

Q14. In reference to the users and admin users described in Sections 3(b) and 3(c), is user administration (add, modify, remove, access to features, etc.) to be handled by HAI or the provider?

A14. The support function should include the software system provider’s active assistance during initial setup and ongoing problem resolution for each operator. HAI admin access is primarily intended to enable review of system performance and user participation, and to support research and analytics activity. Also see Q2 and A2.

Q15. Is the application intended to be a single source of information shared by all users, or does the application need to isolate users’ information by agency, organization, etc. (e.g., multi-tenant application)?

A15. See Q11 and A11.

Q16. In Section 4(e), is “desktop and mobile capabilities” satisfied by a browser-based application, provided the site accommodates both desktop and mobile form factors? Or is a platform-specific app required for mobile devices (e.g., iOS, Android)?

A16. Browser-based or progressive web applications are acceptable, provided full functionality is available on all iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Q17. In Section 4(m), is there a practical limit set for “cloud-storage capability for SMS files of any type?” For example, cloud storage of video or raw image formats could be massive and cost prohibitive.

A17. Proposals may specify file size and storage limits, if applicable. Fees for additional storage should be specified, if applicable.

Q18. HAI has global reach—on Day 1, is this solution intended to apply globally? US? North America initially? How do you see the program grow?

A18. The system will be implemented and expanded globally from Day 1.

Q19. What single benefit of an SMS solution do you see as most vital for your members? And for HAI?

A19. The most vital benefit is to provide HAI members with an easy, affordable system that enables them to comprehensively manage aviation safety risks in accordance with SMS principles.

Q20. You ask for 50 admin users. For the purposes of evaluation, can we equate these admin users to individual operators who may use the service?

A20. See Q12 and A12.

Q21. Does HAI envisage its own safety team who will manage this solution on behalf of its members?

A21. See Q2 and A2.

Q22. A typical safety management system might incorporate safety reporting and investigation, auditing, document management, or risk management. To what extent do you envisage some or all of these as being required?

A22. The system should provide the ability to demonstrate compliance/conformance/adherence to all SMS requirements. Proposals should state if additional fees are linked to certain capabilities.

Q23. The deadline for submission is 20 August. What is the possibility (if required) of a 1-week extension?

A23. An extension to the proposal deadline is not anticipated.