Bailey Wood

Director, Strategic Communications
Helicopter Association International

571-234-5582 (office)

Dan Sweet

Assistant Director, Strategic Communications
Helicopter Association International

703-302-8466 (office) | 503-970-4449 (mobile)

Media Contacts

If you have a question about anything rotorcraft, ask us.

Helicopter Association International (HAI) is pleased to work with members of the media on all things in the world of vertical-lift aircraft. Whether your story is on remotely-piloted drones or helicopters, we can work with you on breaking news, soft news/features stories, and other topics. With reasonable notice, we can provide interviews for these and other areas with subject matter experts.

Please note that HAI will not comment on any accident or incident where there is an active investigation. In most instances, investigators take 12-24 months following the accident to complete their research and present their findings.

Additionally, we are happy to serve as a resource, providing the media with points of contact for rotorcraft operators, manufacturers of helicopters or remotely-piloted aircraft, or suppliers of parts and services for these aircraft.