James A. Viola

President & CEO

Michael Hertzendorf

Chief Operating Officer & VP of Member Services

Roxanne R. Fox

Chief of Staff & Corporate Secretary

Cade Clark

Vice President | Government Affairs

Director, Public Relations & Communications

Dan Sweet

Email: dan.sweet@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8466
Director, Publications & Media

Gina Kvitkovich

Email: gina.kvitkovich@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 1610
Director, Marketing

Katerina Bedoya

Email: katerina.bedoya@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646
Director, Information Technology & Web Contributor

Jay Clark

Email: jay.clark@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8473
Graphic Artist

Phyllis J. Utter

Email: phyllis.utter@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8474
Video & Multimedia Producer

P.J. Barbour

Email: pj.barbour@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8464
Senior Editor

Christine DeJoy

Email: christine.dejoy@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8477
Manager, Social Media

Jaasmin Foote

Email: jaasmin.foote@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 1617
Research and Data Analyst

Mashiyat Ahsan

Email: mashiyat.ahsan@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646
Assistant Director, Publications & Media

Jayne Wood

Email: jayne.wood@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646
Senior Director, Operations & International Affairs

Chris Martino

Email: chris.martino@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646
Senior Director of Membership & Conventions

Charlotte R. Zilke, CEM, CMP, DES

Email: charlotte.zilke@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8458
Senior Director, Safety

Chris Hill

Email: chris.hill@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8451
Director, Education & Training Services

Greg Brown

Email: gregory.brown@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8479
Director of Flight Operations and Maintenance

Zac Noble

Email: zac.noble@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 1608
Assistant Director, Convention Operations & Meetings

Tanya Kirchner

Email: tanya.kirchner@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8468
Assistant Director, Membership

Teresa Farmer

Email: teresa.farmer@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646
Manager, Exhibits & Experience

Emily Monahan

Email: emily.monahan@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8452
Manager, Operations

Ashten A. Brown

Email: ashten.brown@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8463
Exhibits Specialist

Erin Sweeney

Email: erin.sweeney@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8471
Membership & Data Coordinator

Linda Jackson

Email: linda.jackson@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8450
Director, Government Affairs

John Shea

Email: john.shea@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8473
Manager of Government Affairs & Regional Relations

Katia Veraza

Email: katia.veraza@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8465
Manager of Finance

Wayne O'Brien

Email: wayne.obrien@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8448
Finance Coordinator

Mirian Montano

Email: mirian.montano@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8491
Assistant Director, Corporate Affairs

Sarah Arnold

Email: sarah.arnold@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646
Administrative Services Coordinator

Mariana Martins

Email: mariana.martins@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646

Anna K. Wahl, SHRM-CP

Senior HR Consultant
Smart HR

Tom Glista

Safety Manager
Crown Consulting Inc.

Katie White

Exhibit, Sponsorship, and Advertising Sales
The Wyman Company

Racheal Moses

Membership Sales
The Wyman Company