James A. Viola

President & CEO

Michael Hertzendorf

Chief Operating Officer

Cade Clark

Chief Government Affairs Officer

Senior Director, Communications

Gina Kvitkovich

Email: gina.kvitkovich@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 1610
Director, Information Technology & Web Contributor

Jay Clark

Email: jay.clark@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8473
Director, Marketing

Katerina Bedoya

Email: katerina.bedoya@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646
Director, Strategic Communications

Bailey Wood

Email: bailey.wood@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646
Assistant Director, Strategic Communications

Dan Sweet

Email: dan.sweet@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8466
Assistant Director, Publications & Media

Jayne Wood

Email: jayne.wood@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646
Assistant Director of Marketing

Shawnna Kerns

Email: shawnna.kerns@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646
Graphics Manager

Phyllis J. Utter

Email: phyllis.utter@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8474
Manager, Social Media

Jaasmin Foote

Email: jaasmin.foote@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 1617
Senior Editor

Christine DeJoy

Email: christine.dejoy@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8477
Video & Multimedia Producer

P.J. Barbour

Email: pj.barbour@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8464
Research and Data Analyst

Mashiyat Ahsan

Email: mashiyat.ahsan@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646
Copy Editor

Andrew Parker

Email: andrew.parker@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646
Senior Director, Operations & International Affairs

Chris Martino

Email: chris.martino@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646
Senior Director of Membership & Conventions

Charlotte R. Zilke, CEM, CMP, DES

Email: charlotte.zilke@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8458
Senior Director, Safety

Chris Hill

Email: chris.hill@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8451
Director, Education & Training Services

Greg Brown

Email: gregory.brown@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8479
Director of Flight Operations and Maintenance

Zac Noble

Email: zac.noble@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 1608
Director, Conventions

Tanya Kirchner

Email: tanya.kirchner@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8468
Director, Membership

Teresa Farmer

Email: teresa.farmer@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646
Manager, Exhibits & Experience

Emily Monahan

Email: emily.monahan@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8452
Manager, Operations

Ashten A. Brown

Email: ashten.brown@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8463
Exhibits Specialist

Erin Sweeney

Email: erin.sweeney@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8471
Membership & Data Coordinator

Linda Jackson

Email: linda.jackson@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8450
Conventions Coordinator

Alyssa Miller

Email: alyssa.miller@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646
Manager of Government Affairs & Regional Relations

Katia Veraza

Email: katia.veraza@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8465
Western US Regional Representative

Chuck Street

Email: chuck.street@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646
Northeastern US Regional Representative

Josh Rousseau

Email: josh.rousseau@rotor.org
Phone: (571) 279-8495
Manager of Finance

Wayne O'Brien

Email: wayne.obrien@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8448
Finance Manager – Operations & Accounting

Mirian Montano

Email: mirian.montano@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8491
Finance Assistant

Rigels Mema

Email: rigels.mema@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646 Ext: 8485
Director, Corporate Affairs & Corporate Secretary

Sarah Arnold

Email: sarah.arnold@rotor.org
Phone: 703-683-4646

Zena Curry, PHR, SHRM-CP

HR Director, Consulting
Marcum LLP

Teresa Poirier

HR Generalist, Consulting
Marcum LLP

Tom Glista

Safety Manager
Crown Consulting Inc.

Racheal Moses

Membership Sales
The Wyman Company

Katie White

Exhibit, Sponsorship, and Advertising Sales
The Wyman Company