Article I Purpose

It is the purpose of this Code of Ethics to establish certain minimum standards in order to foster public confidence in the safety of helicopter operations and the integrity of HAI Members and to protect the reputation and good name of the helicopter industry. The Association does not deal with prices, territories, or in any manner attempt to restrain trade or free enterprise. In order to promote these objectives, each Member subscribes to the following code:

Article II Technical Standards

a. Flight: Flights will be made in accordance with appropriate government regulations. In addition, Members and their employees will exercise their best judgment to ensure a maximum safety factor at all times.

b. Flight Personnel: A Member will employ and assign only individuals who hold current and appropriate certificates of qualification where applicable. In addition, the Member shall be satisfied, either through training provided by his/her organization or by review of the pilot’s experience, that flight personnel are familiar with the type of work to which they are assigned and are capable of completing it satisfactorily.

c. Maintenance: Maintenance on a Member’s aircraft shall be performed in a manner that conforms to appropriate regulations, so as to ensure the air worthiness of the aircraft.

Article III Conduct and Business Standard

While recognizing that it is impossible to enumerate all the attitudes and factors which comprise good business ethics, Members shall make every effort to promote and maintain the highest business standards possible.

Members shall not perform any act, which is a willful violation or breach of the provisions of the Corporation’s Certificate of Incorporation, or its By-Laws and regulations made thereunder, or its Code of Ethics or which may be unethical or prejudicial to the purposes of the Corporation.

Members who do perform such acts subject themselves to Termination of Membership in accordance with Section 3.10 (b) of the By-Laws. Implementation: (Note: The Board has the authority set out in Section 3.10 (b) of the By-Laws to implement sanctions as reasonable and necessary.)

Article IV Modification

The Code of Ethics outlined herein shall be subject to modification or elaboration, as the needs of the industry shall require.