HAI 5G AMOC Portal

HAI has partnered with the FAA to collect data on helicopter operations affected by flight restrictions related to the 5G deployment.

To maintain the safety of the US National Airspace System, the FAA has put into place restrictions on operations that may be negatively affected by the deployment of 5G wireless systems. However, FAA personnel have the authority to approve alternative methods of compliance (AMOCs) for operators.

Helicopter operators should use the HAI 5G AMOC Portal to report their operations that are restricted according to the fourth bulleted item in the limitations specified in figure 1 to paragraph (g) of FAA Airworthiness Directive (AD) 2021-23-13 (see figure 1 below). The information collected will be used to aid the FAA to prioritize AMOCs that will have the greatest impact on facilitating helicopter operations.

How to Use the HAI AMOC Portal

WHO Should Submit a Report through the Portal?

Any operator who has operations restricted by the language below from AD 2021-23-13 AND who operates in NOTAM’d airspace should report those restrictions through the HAI AMOC portal:

“When operating in US airspace, the following operations requiring radio altimeter are prohibited in the presence of 5G C band wireless broadband interference as identified by NOTAM:

– Performing takeoffs and landings in accordance with any procedure (Category A, Category B, or by Performance Class in the Rotorcraft Flight Manual or Operations Specification) that requires the use of radio altimeter data.”

The fourth bulleted restriction within the AD  applies to any takeoff and landing procedure that requires the use of a radio altimeter. Check your Rotorcraft Flight Manual (RFM) or Operations Specification (OpSpec) to verify if this restriction applies to your helicopter.

HOW Will Your Information Be Used?

All reports submitted by operators will be de-identified. HAI will share the aggregated data with the FAA to assist the agency with prioritization of AMOCs that will provide the greatest relief to operators.

Example: 40 HAA flight operations per day would be restricted at hospital heliport X due to operators Y and Z’s inability to take off and land in their Cat A, Part 29 rotorcraft. No alternative sites exist. And there are 10 similar HAA operations that exist in the same region, causing a drastic reduction in service.

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    Disclaimer: All information submitted through this form will be de-identified. HAI will only share the aggregate data and will only share that aggregate data with the FAA. HAI will not sell, share, or provide the raw data to any entity, agency, or organization.